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About us


2323Designs is a social enterprise, a brand, a journey to bring change with the mission of connecting people, to products & planet for a greater good or cause. Our Parent Company is - Twenty 3 Stories and we are located at 10-A, DDA Flats, Ground Floor, Shahpur Jat, New Delhi-110049, India.

Our mandates:


23:23Designs  works in the social development sector with other NGOs, SHGs,Trusts & Societies, Clusters & Social Enterprises through support of Market Linkages, Product Development & Diversification, Project Management, Skill Development & Capacity Building, Retail Management, Business Development ,Education & Training.

We work in 3 verticals

1. Handcrafted artisanal products

2. Skill Development & Training ,Education & Pedagogy

3. Sustainable Solutions & Products

We present premium handcrafted products, which is made from rescued or natural materials by using traditional craft techniques. We mostly work with artisanal products which generate livelihoods and saves the environment. Our specialty is to work with the unsung heroes.


A world where every citizen can live a safe, secure, and fulfilling life, in harmony with nature.


To create business models that generate sustainable livelihoods in scale-able capacities. To provide sustainable livelihoods to the marginalized communities by leveraging the sustainable & ethical principles & practices. To empower artisans by building and improving upon their relevant capacities through skill development & training to catalyze viability and vibrancy in the craft sector - economically, socially, environmentally and culturally. To commit to the Fair Trade principles and practices, uphold its spirit and maintain a leading position in terms of contributing to the Ethical & Sustainability  movement in India and the world.


23:23 Designs is a recollection of traditional and contemporary crafts and all that which has evolved through the generations. With every product, we bring together a little bit of history that was lost somewhere in time. Each of our product beholds a story waiting to be told.

Principle 1: We are story tellers.

We believe the people, skills and heritage behind each product are just as beautiful as the product itself. These stories deserve to be told and revisited, and we endeavor to be as transparent as possible in the story telling part.

 Principle 2: Our work respects people and planet. 

The use of up-cycled, handmade and vintage materials is the foundation for our designs. We partner with a careful selection of organizations and directly with artisans to ensure we are offering livelihood opportunities to men and women equally who need it the most, and that all artisans are paid fairly and well treated.

Principle 3: We revolve around sustainability.

For our customers, aesthetics with sustainable solutions is the core value of our products.


We operate as business aggregators for the artisanal community.

1. We identify the Cluster indulged in Hand Crafted products & techniques (Rural or Urban Slum Communities).

2. Our team visits and vets the cluster on various social compliances, facilities available on ground, work environment, Production capacities. 

3. Our Team assesses the artisan communities skill levels and further hand holds or provides training for Skill up-gradation in techniques being followed at that particular cluster.

4. Product Development & Design Intervention is implemented by our team in collaboration with the cluster. We Co-Create products with our artisans.

5. Other skills of merchandising, costing, finishing are also taught and best practices are shared with clusters.

6. Work agreements are formulated with associated clusters.

7. We further promote their products and their story with our Partners and patrons and link them to markets through us.

8. Complete Hand-holding is done with clusters and complete transparency and traceability of Product cycle is shared with buyers when asked. 

9. We also Map our Impact with each cluster on Livelihood Generation and Income Growth Opportunities for each artisan associated with us.

Why 23:23?
What’s in a name? EVERYTHING….for us at least.
There are many social enterprises in India now, doing good and making an impact, we are one amongst them….But people do remember us, not just for the good we are doing but also for our Unique name….and as mentioned before, we are storytellers too…and this story is our favorite one….

23:23(Twenty Three: Twenty Three), is based on the concept of Synchronicity.

Synchronicity is a concept, which holds that events are "meaningful coincidences "if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related. The Founders of 23:23 Designs saw double digits in Time pieces, vehicles number plates, and many more “Meaningful Coincidences”. Synchronicity led us to ,getting conscious of little occurrences as signs of being on the right path for a greater good.  The universe winks and nods at you from time to time, to let you know that you are treading on the path of doing good. Once you start noticing these little cosmic cairns, once you understand that you’re on a path at all, you’ll begin to see them everywhere. We believe that our unconscious yearning to give back to the community and planet led us to a conscious effort of starting 23:23 Designs & Sourcing.